Wabash Arts Corridor | STREET LEVEL 2017: Sam Kirk
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STREET LEVEL 2017: Sam Kirk


The Seeds We Plant Today Determine Our Growth For Tomorrow


Sam Kirk


1306 S. Michigan

Photo Credit

© Sandra Steinbrecher 2017

Artist Statement

"The Seeds We Plant Today Determine Our Growth For Tomorrow” mural highlights the work of Dolores Huerta in her role as an activist for human rights, additionally her strength and persistence as the only woman in a male dominated field. The power fist is a symbol seen in movements for marginalized people throughout history. Further symbolism is reflected in the sun which connects to the roots with the rising fists of the work of our ancestors. It is my duty to create work that makes women more visible, in content and process. My team is made up of strong female artists of color, so when people see us painting this work the message comes full circle and together we change minds. Women of Color must be seen more often as the strong, nurturing leaders that we are.

About This Project

Lead Curator: Meg Duguid

Co-Producers: Meg Duguid and Neysa Page-Lieberman

Site and Production Managers: Jenni Button and Abie Vasquez

Project Manager: Meg Duguid

Project Assistant: Sydney Pacha

Sponsorship Leads: Jenni Button and Meg Duguid

Assistant Artists: Jennifer Cunningham and Eva Cancino