Wabash Arts Corridor | STREET LEVEL 2017: Gloria”GLOE ONE” Talmantes
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STREET LEVEL 2017: Gloria”GLOE ONE” Talmantes


La Magia de Luzia


Gloria "Gloe" Talamantes


33 E. Congress Parkway

Photo Credit

Dan Rest

Artist Statement

"I created wispy butterfly wings that carry flowers adorned with motifs inspired by my roots and culture. The design inspiration comes from my family heirlooms-"carpetas tejidas" the delicate and intricate original crocheted designs of my grandmother and great grandmother. After watching some of Luzia, I reflected on the massive red papel picado that was used to incubate the twirling dancer ascending in one of the scenes as flower petals fell. Upon first sight it immediately made me think of the many designs links that make up my grandma’s doilies. I allowed the connection to guide the process of the mural's details. The dripping effect is a direct reflection of the water scenes and rather than make it a focal point, I wanted to create a subtle resemblance to the water while keeping it connected to my graffiti roots. Drips are common and often the most enjoyable parts of ink tags and natural spray paint abstracts when doing stylized letters. It is important for me to stay true to my Mexican & Graffiti culture for the two has been an integral part of my life and visual art form. I want to honor and elevate them in ways that don’t appropriate or erase the values or struggles that have endured through their evolution and survival.”

About This Project

Lead Curator/Producer: Neysa Page-Lieberman

Site Manager: Abie Vasquez

Assistant Producer: Sydney Pacha

Assistant Artists: Alejandro Colunga, David Gonzalez, Brandon P. Macias, Gloria Vale of Yollocalli Arts Reach

The Magia de Luzia was curated and organized by Columbia College Chicago as part of the Wabash Arts Corridor Street Level Public Art Exhibition, and sponsored by Cirque du Soleil in honor of the production LUZIA in Chicago, Illinois.