Wabash Arts Corridor | STREET LEVEL 2017: Shelby Gahm
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STREET LEVEL 2017: Shelby Gahm


Disparate Bodies in Space


Shelby Gahm


1306 Michigan Ave

Photo Credit

Shelby Gahm

Artist Statement

Disparate Bodies in Space came from my curiosity with juxtaposing the abstract with reality. Almost always, abstract art is only seen hanging on white walls in galleries and museums. I wanted to create a piece of work that looks as though it should be hanging in a gallery and instead, paint it on the side of a building. I chose to create a piece whose base color nearly blends into its surrounding and contrast that with bright neon colors and abstract shapes, which an audience may have a harder time correlating with as part of reality. Almost like an alien to the earth, I wanted this piece to stand out not only for its unlikely location, but as well as its unearthly color and form.

About This Project

Shelby Gahm is a winner of the 2017 WAC People’s Choice competition.

Production Manager: Mark Porter, Exhibition Manager for Department of Exhibition and Performance Spaces at Columbia College Chicago

Production Assistants: Ashley King and Lauren van Reken